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With the increasing demand for glass materials as decorative ones today, a lot of decorative glass products have been introduced to serve the interior design.

Solar Control glass helps reduce electricity costs for the room air cooling system up to 57%, contributing to improving the quality of life and protecting the health of users

Tropical Low E glass helps reduce the costs of air heating system in the room up to 48%, reducing the capacity of the air conditioning system up to 69%, contributing to improving the quality of life

(Tiếng Việt) Kính phản quang được biết đến là loại kính được phủ lên trên bề mặt của tấm kính một loại hóa chất đặc biệt và có tính năng phản xạ ánh sáng

Soundproof - Insulation Glass is assembled from two, three or more layers of glass together, between the glass panels are voids filled with over 90% Argon gas

Laminated safety glass enable minimizing noise from external environment and ultraviolet from sunlight projection through, can replace for hard materials to prevent thieves, bulletproof, etc.

Tempered bent safety glass withstands impact and is three to four times stronger than ordinary glass, bends glass panels with a uniform curvature lying on the curve of the circle (800mm<=R<=25,000mm)

Cuong Long Glass's Tempered Glass can withstand three to four times more impact and hardness than ordinary glass and withstand a sudden change of environment of 150°C