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Open letter

Cuong Long Production Trading Services Aluminum Glass Company Limited - Cuong Long Glass would like to send to our customers and partners the wishes for health, happiness and success!

Cuong Long Glass sincerely thanks for the trust of customers who have been using our company's products during the past years.

Over 10 years of establishment and development, Cuong Long Glass has gradually asserted itself as a leading unit in the field of providing glass products of all kinds to construction works and interior decoration projects such as: Tempered Safety Glass, Curved Tempered Glass, Multi-Layer Laminated Safety Glass, Silk-Patterned Glass, Multi-Layer Curved Laminated Tempered Glass, Soundproof - Heatproof Box Glass, Decorative Glass and Patterned Glass, etc.

These above achievements result from Cuong Long Glass's methodical investment decisions in technology and modern machinery and equipment. In addition, Cuong Long Glass also applies a product quality management system according to the ISO 9001-2015 process, with a team of united, creative and enthusiastic staff to create products of high value in quality and aesthetics. Currently, Cuong Long Glass has become a reputable partner and a reliable choice of many employers, construction contractors and distributors and provided a large number of products for key projects throughout the country.

With the passion and desire to contribute to the development of the construction industry in general and the glass industry in particular, we always strive to improve product quality, constantly invest, innovate machinery and equipment technology and upgrade services to accompany our partners in all projects.

We always commit to bring to our customers and partners the "Assurance in Product Quality - Satisfaction with Service".

Cuong Long Glass!

Featured products

With the increasing demand for glass materials as decorative ones today, a lot of decorative glass products have been introduced to serve the interior design.

Solar Control glass helps reduce electricity costs for the room air cooling system up to 57%, contributing to improving the quality of life and protecting the health of users

Tropical Low E glass helps reduce the costs of air heating system in the room up to 48%, reducing the capacity of the air conditioning system up to 69%, contributing to improving the quality of life

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